SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS VISION Be the school of choice, recognized for its academic excellence, in the field of aeronautical education. SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS MISSION To provide educational and practical experiences, empowering our students to contribute positively to the global aviation community OUR VALUES: Aca...

Mensaje del Director

Welcome to the School of Aeronautics, where we strive for your academic goal in AIRWAY SCIENCES and that you become an Aerospace Professional of the highest order. We offer the following academic programs: Aircraft Systems Management (Professional Pilot) to become a professional pilot, and Aviation Management Science to work as a professional manag...


Documents for prospective students:
Download the School of Aeronautics brochure. Click "SOA brochure".
Download the "Experience of Flying" article (in Spanish) published in the INTEResante. Click "La experiencia de volar".
Documents for current students:
Download the School Safety Management System Manual.  Click "SMS Manual".

Help us improve the School's Safety by submitting Safety System Management Reports.  Click "SMS Report".
Download the School Program Norms for flight students. Click "Flight Programs Norms".
Download the Piper Archer III Procedure Guide. Click "Procedures Guide Archer III".
Download the Piper Seminole Procedure Guide. Click "Procedures Guide Piper Seminole".